Given the complicated circumstances we are going through, and after the inevitable cancellation of the Award ceremony that we planned to hold at Spannabis Barcelona 2020, we publish below the list of the winners of the XV Spannabis Champions Cup.

We want to congratulate each and every one of the participants, and thank you for your unconditional support, despite all the obstacles we have had to overcome in this edition. You have exceeded all our expectations, and the level and quality of the participations has been incredibly high. Thank you.

And our congratulations and respect to the winners of each of the categories. Thanks for your work and dedication. Congratulations!


CBD Category

1º          CBD Botanic “Vendetta”   (analysis)
2º          Triskele Genetics “Ilargi” (analysis)

3º          El Club Verde CBD “Amnesia x Arlequin”  (analysis)

Solventless extraction category

1º          Ripper Seeds “K-Mintz”  (analysis)
2º          Ripper Seeds “OMG” (analysis)

3º          Fast Buds “Gelato Solventless THCA Diamonds” (analysis)

Solvent extraction category

1º          Research Development Cannabinoid “Crystal D. C.”   (analysis)

2º          Ripper Seeds “Do-G” (analysis)

3º          Ripper Seeds “OMG” (analysis)

Sativa Category

1º          Zen Cultural “Astral Orange” (analysis)
2º          NPK Club Barcelona “Lemon Cüsh” (analysis)

3º          Ripper Seeds “OMG” (analysis)

Indica Category

1º          Chudda Brothers “Z Cube”   (analysis)
2º          Santa Fe BCN “Orange Sherbert” (analysis)

3º          Marley Grow Shop “Kush (Petardo)” (analysis)

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